peruvian street food

About Us


My husband Tony and I have always had a passion for food, culture and community.  We dreamed up the idea of el hueco years ago while on a bike ride home from a dinner we had at a quaint Peruvian restaurant in our San Francisco neighborhood. The idea organically evolved into a passion project, cooking up iterations of Grandma Jaramillo’s recipes to give traditional dishes our own modern twist.

It wasn’t until we moved to San Diego with our two young kids, looking to dig roots, that we decided to make our dream a reality. We recruited Tony’s brother Julian, a chef from the east coast and his dad Luis, a Peruvian native, to join the team as our talented chefs. Soon after el hueco was born.

It’s inspiring to see what a positive impact food and food culture can have on a country like Peru. It transcends simple nourishment to become a source of pride and reason for future generations to iterate and improve. From the land and farmers, to the chefs and artists, everyone working together to write the cultural history of here and now. For us it’s about fusing our Peruvian roots to share the distinctive flavors of Peru served up in unexpected SoCal ways. Ultimately, we want to broaden the reach of one of the best cuisines in the world to touch our local community; hopefully influencing the food and food culture in San Diego for generations to come, even if it’s in a small way.